The photo project "It's Me" is a project about the natural beauty of age, about the realization by women 40+ of their natural beauty and uniqueness. The project takes place in the Carpathian region: we photograph women from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Ukraine. Each participant of the project has not only to be photographed, but also to write a message to others: a couple of phrases as an expression of herself at the present time, an expression of her thoughts and feelings, as a message to the world - I am I!
We, the authors of the It's Me photo project, are Ukrainians, so we decided to dedicate this project to Ukrainian women. After all, in today's conditions, we, Ukrainian women, are proving to the whole world that we have the right to self-identification, we have the right to be Ukrainian.
We, women of different nationalities, are very different, unique in our beauty, but we are all very similar in the most important human things: we bring beauty and love, protect and preserve our children, our family, our loved ones, and WISH PEACE TO ALL!
Observing the magic of female beauty at photo shoots, reading the messages that women write about their age and their feelings, I realize that after 40, women often seek harmony and think about inner freedom: who am I? where am I going? am I happy? what do I want to change? We, Ukrainian women, experience these feelings in a double sense; we need to feel not only inner freedom but also outer freedom! No one doubts that Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles, Austrians, Russians, and others have the right to exist? Why do we Ukrainian women in the 21st century have to prove that we as a nation have the right to exist?
Every woman is unique in her beauty, her feelings and emotions. Everyone has the right to internal and external freedom, the right to tell the whole world "THIS IS ME!"